Marketing and advertising changes come at us full tilt, and knowing how to adapt is key. From strategy, creative, and design, to web and social media, we bring together our skills to come up with innovative and efficient solutions.

  • Creation


    We love to tell stories, but not tall tales. That’s why our work inspires as it evokes a response. It’s hard work and a little craziness that get us there, allowing us to play around with the rational and the irrational. The results are impressive.

  • Strategy


    Above and beyond all else, communication is strategic. This is our deepest conviction, and it’s what we at the agency recommend to our clients. With this conviction in mind, Brad has developed a method of analysis all our own, which allows us to clearly grasp the communications issues and challenges we face. The efficient, impeccable, strategic reflection that flows as a result of this analysis is an indispensable basis for the success of all of our mandates.

  • Web and social media

    Web and social media

    Interactivity is part of our identity. Every day, we develop ideas and tools relevant to deploying impactful web strategies and to creating engaging social media content – in addition to maintaining daily management (that’s a long sentence, but it was worth it). Our dedication and attention to detail make us the best ally of several brands on the web.

  • E-commerce


    E-commerce is increasingly important in marketing strategies, which means more emphasis has to be put on how effective it is from a communications standpoint. With that in mind, Brad provides a turn-key service for all online sales platforms, and so we are able to help you by offering advice and recommendations that align directly with your communication strategy, to maximise the effectiveness.

  • Branded Content

    Branded Content

    To create a favourable attitude among people towards a brand, it must have a purpose. Much like Brad with its clients. With that in mind, branded content offers infinite possibilities. But where to begin? A magazine article, outreach, web writing, editorial calendars for social media … we can help you with that.

  • Promotion


    Implementing promotional contests and cross-partnerships is common for us. Since our beginnings, we have worked closely with several clients to manage various promotions with the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux. Our expertise in this area makes us the business partner of choice for project development and management.

  • Design


    The reason it’s difficult to define design, is that it’s everywhere. With us, one thing is sure: design serves communication. Whether we’re working on brand image or stationery, or executing an entire advertising platform, we put the utmost attention on both form and function.

  • Media creativity

    Media creativity

    Traditional and non-traditional media, the web, and experiential tactics are all everyday parts of our agency. Our experience has taught us that the winning combination is constantly changing. Our strategic media creativity recommendations consider your budget, targets, and timeline, while maximizing every dollar you invest, regardless of the size of the job.

  • CRM and direct marketing

    CRM and direct marketing

    Maintaining a client database is a task of the utmost importance, especially when the time comes for direct communication. Our team is not only able to provide expert advice on customer relationship management, but it is also able to recommend direct marketing strategies, both via the web and by mail.

  • Adaptation


    Text translation is simply not enough in advertising. You can legitimately end up with “a cat in your throat that can’t have its butter and butter money”. Brad doesn’t translate: we adapt, to reflect the subtleties of language and to harmonize meaning cross-culturally in order to meet marketing objectives. Over the years, we have developed extensive experience working with several Canadian and American agencies.


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